Is there an Entrepreneur Gene?

Every UK business owner – whether they run a start up, an established business or a side hustle – has an entrepreneurial spirit, but are these natural instincts or learned behaviours picked up along the way?

The Entrepreneur Gene Project aims to find out, exploring the unique genetics and behavioural traits of entrepreneurs across the UK.

Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur or not, as a participant in our study you will receive a personal DNA analysis that will uncover your predisposed entrepreneurial traits. Allowing you to learn more about your own entrepreneurial spirit and how you compare with business owners across the UK.

Research partners

Our research study will be conducted by principal investigator Thomas Roos (MSc Biology & MSc Clinical Research from Stanford University), in conjunction with scientists from Liverpool John Moores as well as the award-winning genetics company DNAFit Life Sciences Ltd.

Interested in participating?

  1. Enter your details into the form below.
  2. Those eligible will receive a confirmation from our research team.
  3. Complete a short online phenotype questionnaire.
  4. Provide a DNA sample with an easy to use cheek swab and send it to our accredited laboratories for testing.
  5. Your results will be revealed in Summer 2019.

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Privacy Policy

This research project is commissioned by Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Limited, the scientific research is being conducted by DNAFit Life Sciences Ltd.If you have any further questions and/or concerns, you may contact the study staff.